Perinatal data, such as maternal history, risk factors, labor and delivery information are collected so that you can improve perinatal outcomes. Our PerinatalPlus systems track events until patient discharge.

We import data from Export files from your EMR … no sense entering that data again! All of your recurring reports are easily available with a press of a key – either for view, print, export or emailed.

Our systems are designed by you, developed by us, and continually updated to grow with you.

PerinatalPlus Data Management

The main screen displays the main portal from which a patient can be selected. Then, the buttons on the left open up information panels for Maternal Data, complications and more. Birth certificate worksheets are printed directly from the Newborn Data section; data is imported directly from your EMR output file; many complicated standard reports (Obstetric planning, residence reports, quality improvement, periodic statistical reports, and of course – more) are available with a single click.

PerinatalPlus Reporter
This app allows the display and analysis of perinatal data, including maternal history, risk factors, labor and delivery information. The data fields are built around what you collect and desire for analysis.