Best practices in Intensive Care Nurseries are of the utmost importance. Capturing and analyzing events in a timely manner has never been more critical in the quest to preserve quality at the beginning of life.

Research, education and quality improvement (QI) leads to best practices. Collections of data must be descriptive, meaningful, completely accurate and applicable – that’s why each of our NICUPlus systems are designed with you before they are developed by us.

NICUPlus Data Management

This is the main capture system for a typical NICUPlus system: with imports from external sources (your hospital EMR) and exports to a variety of industry standard formats for further analysis. Not only are our systems data-rich, but they serve as a repository for everything NICU. Full of reports that you define and use on a regular basis … the only additional need might be specialized one-time analysis, which is available in the Reporter.

NICUPlus Reporter

In additional to a full complement of standard reports, predefined by you, the NICU Reporter is available to create On-Demand lists and reports. You may select a few fields, or many. Then, you can select a quick preview (and then print), or output to Excel for further analysis.