We build software …

… tailored to your workflow.

Every good decision is based on data. Analysis of that data should result in:

  • real quality improvements;
  • increased revenues or decreased costs;
  • accurate information for process changes;
  • and the ability to track the metrics that are truly useful for your department.

Carousel Systems engineers have been designing such software applications, as a company, since 1982.

Carousel Systems develops software that fills the gap between the mostly out of the box EMR systems and the tailored needs of your department.  You know that EMRs claim to add data fields and customize their views to some extent. The reality is that requests for change are often costly with long lead times, with a labyrinth of processes to go through. Then, the solution is often still a compromise.

Our software complements and supplements industry standard offerings.  We partner with you and your organization to improve efficiency and remove barriers that prevent you from achieving your objectives.

If you think your organization may benefit from what we have to offer, we look forward to start that conversation to help you achieve your mission.

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About us …

… straightforward and simple.

The founding partners left Fortune 500 companies in 1982 to start this venture. Their satisfaction was to produce software that enhanced your workflow … in the ways that your department already operated. It is a passion rather than a job.

What we do is a collaborative venture. We first get a comprehensive understanding of your departmental goals and processes.  Our goal is to be available to provide meaningful and applicable solutions just as you would.

Then, we can be responsive … understanding the ins and outs of your day to day operations. Your requests for change are implemented accurately and quickly.

The name came from the first purchased office building – it was full of carousel horses.